The Best Ways To Better Your Burger

Crafted by Chef Joe

1. It all starts with the patty. The meat is the foundation of the perfect burger so always pick the best ingredients. Choose from a variety of tasty options like black beans, Certified Angus Beef or Smithfield All Natural Pork.

2. Work your patty into the size of your palm. Once the patty is formed season the outside. When forming your patty always season the meat and work it back and forth in your hands. This helps to distribute flavors and help ensure flavors are evenly distributed. Form your patty into the size of the palm of your hand, be sure to add a small indentation in the center to ensure even cooking. The shape should resemble a hockey puck. 

Ways To Cook 

  • Grill (infuse flavor by using charcoal or wood oin your grill) 

  • Saute (iron pan) 

  • Broil 

Tips & Tricks

  1. Get the cooking surface really hot to help create a crispy edge. 

  2. Resist the urge to move your burger. Try to flip it once half way through. Don't push down on the burger, this squeezes out all the juices. 

  3. Let the burger rest before you serve it. This retains the juices. 

  4. Don't forget the bun - toasting the bun makes all the difference in adding flavor and texture to your perfect burger. 

A Burger's Best Friends

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