Holiday Meats Easy 

Planning your Thanksgiving meal? Let us handle the food so you can fret less.

Our Beef Shoppe offers the finest quality and variety of meat and seafood. Go beyond Turkey for Thanksgiving and check out our additional meat and seafood options below.

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Go Beyond Turkey 
  • Try Heritage Black Turkeys, White Pheasants, Heritage Pintade Fermiere Guinea Hens, Chicken Poulet Rouge and All-Natural Capons
  • We also carry Grade A Goose and Duck 
Certified Angus Beef - A cut Above the Rest 
  • Guaranteed Tender 
  • Exclusively at Lowes Foods 
  • From family ranchers 
  • Test by the highest quality standards 
  • Perfectly Marbled, every time 
  • Unrivaled flavor, juiciness and tenderness 
Certified Angus USDA Prime Beef 
  • A fine dining favorite
  • USDA Prime Grade 
  • A Top Grade of Beef for marbling 
  • Featured in the Worlds Top Fine Dining Establishment
  • Available in New York Strip Loin Steaks or Roast, Boneless Rib Eye Steaks or Roast 
Kobe and Wagyu Beef 
  • Available in Boneless New York Strip Loin Steaks or Roast 
  • Raised on American family farms 
  • Vegetarian Fed 
  • Succulent buttery flavor 
  • No added Hormones or Antibiotics 
Strauss Free Raised Lamb 
  • Semi Boneless Lamb Legs 
  • Lamb Racks
Smithfield All Natural 
  • Farm Fresh Pork 
  • Hand tied and perfectly trimmed by Lowes Foods master butchers 
  • Sourced locally and raised by Carolina Farmers 
  • No Added Hormones or Steroids