Speedway Speedy Rewards Frequently Asked Questions:

If you've got questions, we have answers!

  • What is Speedy Rewards?
    • Speedy Rewards is a program offered by Speedway that allows you to earn points every time you make a purchase, excluding restricted items. With your first purchase you will immediately start earning points towards free food and/or merchandise, as well as coupons for valuable savings, simply by using your Speedy Rewards card inside the store or at the pump. For more information about the Speedy Rewards program click here.
  • How do I redeem Lowes Foods Gas Rewards?
    • In order to redeem your Lowes Foods Gas Rewards at Speedway, you will need to link your Lowes Foods rewards card with a Speedy Rewards card. Speedy Rewards cards are available at Lowes Foods Guest Services or any Speedway location.
  • How do I link my Speedy Rewards Card and my Lowes Foods Rewards card?
    • You can link your Speedy Rewards and Lowes Foods Fresh Rewards card at the in-store kiosk at Lowes Foods, the Speedy Rewards terminal located inside participating Speedway locations, online here, or call Lowes Foods Guest Services at 888-537-8646. Your Speedy Rewards card must be registered with your first name, email address, and PIN before your cards can be linked.
  • When linking cards how soon will my rewards load?
    • Once you have linked your Lowes Foods Fresh Rewards card and your Speedy Rewards card your Lowes Foods Gas Rewards will be available immediately for redemption.
  • Is Speedy Rewards replacing Lowes Foods Gas Rewards?
    • No, we are simply extending the locations where you can redeem Lowes Foods Gas Rewards. You will be able to earn Speedy Rewards points separately through purchases at Speedway.
  • Can I use my Lowes Foods Gas Rewards at a station outside of North or South Carolina?
    • One of the great benefits of Lowes Foods partnering with Speedway is once you link your Lowes Foods Fresh Rewards card and your Speedy Rewards card you can redeem at any Speedway location nationwide (excluding locations in New Jersey, Virginia, and Connecticut).
  • How do I earn Lowes Foods Gas Rewards?
    • You will continue to earn Lowes Foods Gas Rewards the same way you do today by shopping for groceries at Lowes Foods. Click here for more information.
  • Do my purchases at Speedway combine with my Lowes Foods purchases to get to $100?
    • No, these programs are separate. However when you purchase gas at Speedway and redeem Lowes Foods Gas Rewards, your fuel purchase will earn Speedy Rewards points.
  • How do I redeem Gas Rewards at Lowes Foods fuel stations?
    • The process to redeem your Lowes Foods Gas Rewards at Lowes Foods fuel stations remains the same. When redeeming, you will continue to use your wallet-sized Lowes Foods Fresh Rewards card.