Full Circle
Full Circle Brand

Full Circle is our affordable natural and organic store brand that features products which are minimally processed and contain no chemical additives.

Our Lowes Foods natural and organic store brand offers a complete cost-effective solution for your dairy, meat, grocery and frozen food needs. Our fruits and vegetables meet all USDA-certified organic food requirements and are guaranteed 100% organic. All you taste is nature, pure and simple.

Lowes Foods Full Circle meat and seafood are just as you want them -- all natural! Livestock are minimally processed as well as free of artificial ingredients and added preservatives. You’re not only receiving the freshest all-natural meat and seafood at a fair price but you’re helping preserve our natural resources.

Lowes Foods Full Circle dairy products provide you and your family the necessary nutrition for strong bones, bodies and hearts without extra harmful additives or expensive costs. From pasta to olive oil, cereal to cookies, paper towels to laundry detergent Full Circle products have absolutely nothing to hide! Don’t wait to take the first step towards an affordable healthy lifestyle.