Premium Angus Beef
New to Lowes Foods - Premium Angus Beef

When it comes to Premium Beef, Black Angus is a cut above.

Now this is beef at its American best.  It's called Black Angus. And, at Lowes Foods, we've worked hard to ensure a level of quality beyond the beef you'll find at other grocers.

For one thing, it's All-Natural.  This means we don't inject it with saline or other artificial shenanigans just to keep it looking deceptively plump and ruby red-looking.

Black Angus is the real, American deal.  We bring it to you fresh from the land of beautiful spacious skies, fruited plains and amber waves of grain.

It's also been aged.  We do this to our Black Angus steaks to bring out their superb flavor and tenderness.  Trust us when we say it's worth the wait.

One last thing: if for any reason our Black Angus beef leaves you less than satisfied, we'll give you your money back.

If there's one thing we at Lowes Foods want for customers like you, it's finding ways to make your day.  Our Black Angus beef is one of the surest ways we know how to do it.