Press Kit

The Lowes Foods Identity Standards establishes official policy and standards for the design of Lowes Foods stationery, product labels, publications, flyers, signage, web and other applications. Adhering to these standards will help ensure that all communications present a uniform image of Lowes Foods.

The logo and official name have trademark protection and use of the logo or name other than that prescribed below is prohibited. The logo must be produced in true color or grayscale and should not be changed in any way except to enlarge it or reduce it proportionally. There is a protected area surrounding the logo equivalent to the height and width of the entire logo in which no text or graphics may be incorporated.

Design or color alterations to the specifications are prohibited without the consent of Lowes Foods Creative Manager. Questions concerning the use of the Lowes Foods logo and name should be directed to or phone (336) 659-0180 extension 53027.

Lowes Foods LogoPrimary Logo

This logo is to be used in all printed publications. This is the preferred logo to use. This logo consists of 2 parts: The Lowes Foods logo and "good for you" wording. The "good for you" appears in Riverside typeface only. No other typefaces are to be used. No other "tag" line is to appear with the logo unless approved by Lowes Foods Marketing Director

Examples include: Product Labels, flyers, advertising, publications, website link, signage, promotional items and display pieces.

Available Formats: EPS | GIF | JPG | PDF

Official Color Usage

The official Lowes Foods colors are:

Green: Pantone 347, made up of:

Yellow: Pantone 109, made up of:

* When printing in black and white, the logo should be produced in grayscale printing.