Do Your Part Sustainability Tips

**** TEMPLATE Tip **** Grill Naturally Without Toxic Fumes

Gas or Charcoal? A gas grill is always greener! If you already have a charcoal grill, use natural or lump charcoal and a chimney starter instead of lighter fluid. Do Your Part and grill naturally, without all those toxic fumes.

Choosing Safer Sunscreen

With temperatures on the rise, Do Your Part and pick a safer sunscreen for you and your family. Your best bet is to select ones which contain zinc and titanium because they are safe and effective. And here’s a helpful hint: the Environmental Working Group has a free smart phone app that allows you to check out safety information by specific brand while you shop.

Avoiding BPA in Your Home

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to Do Your Part to cut down on the amount of BPA (bisphenol-A) you bring into your home. BPA is linked to several health issues. It’s usually found in plastics marked #7 so avoid those if possible. Also, some experts recommend to use glass or ceramic containers only to heat up food in the microwave.

Spring Cleaning

Is getting rid of dirty grout on your spring cleaning list this year? If so, Do Your Part and try oxygenated bleach as a safer alternative to some toxic grout cleaners. Combine oxygenated bleach and water to create a thick paste, scrub the area, and let sit for an hour. Once you wipe it away and let the grout dry, you’ll see incredible results!

Disinfect Without Harsh Chemicals

Want to Do Your Part to disinfect without using harsh chemicals? Vinegar is an effective solution for most everywhere in the home except for marble and other porous surfaces. Hydrogen peroxide also works well to kill bacteria, mold, and mildew. You can use it full strength on things like cutting boards or dilute it with water for the perfect cleaner for finished surfaces such as painted walls.

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