Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • What is Lowes Foods Fresh Rewards?
    Lowes Foods Fresh Rewards is designed to provide rewards and benefits to our loyal customers. Fresh rewards include: Instant rewards (discounts on thousands of items in our stores), gas rewards, digital rewards and special promotional rewards.  
  • Do gas rewards expire?
    Gas rewards expire 30 days from the date they are printed for you at the store. You will see the expiration date on the coupon, so be sure to use it by that date.
  • Will I need to present my fresh rewards card at check-out to earn gas rewards?
    Yes, or you may ask the Lowes Foods cashier to look up your account using the phone number provided at the time of enrollment.
  • Can I use my fresh rewards card at any Lowes Foods store?
    Yes. fresh rewards cards are valid at any Lowes Foods location.
  • Do all of my purchases count toward my gas rewards?
    Most items count toward gas rewards. The following purchases are excluded: wine, beer, prescriptions, fuel, taxes, services, Lowes Foods gift cards, open value cards and lottery tickets.
  • What are the terms and conditions of fresh rewards program?
    Terms and Conditions can be found HERE.
  • How can I check my fresh rewards?
    Simply present your fresh rewards card to any Lowes Foods cashier and request your balance.
  • Why do I need a new Fresh Rewards card?
    The new fresh rewards card will have a magnetic strip for you to be able to scan it at the WilcoHess pump when you are filling your car. You need the new card to be able to redeem your gas rewards.  
  • How do I receive special offers?
    Special offers will be sent by email. A valid email address is required in order to receive special offers.
  • When I receive a special offer, how can I use it?
    Terms and conditions will be provided with each offer to indicate how and where it can be used.
  • My friend received a special offer and I didn't. Why?
    Fresh rewards is designed to provide special offers to members based on their shopping history and selected areas of interest. Use your fresh rewards card each time you shop and make sure that we have your correct email address.
  • How do I enroll in fresh rewards?
    You may enroll at our in-store kiosk or online at Please visit your Lowes Foods store to request an enrollment brochure and card prior to enrolling.
  • What information do I have to provide to enroll in the fresh rewards program?
    The information requested in the enrollment process is designed to maximize the benefits that you will receive from the fresh rewards program. A valid email address is required in order to be eligible to earn rewards. Additionally, providing a phone number allows our cashiers to easily look up your fresh rewards account if you ever forget your card.
  • Can I add family members to my fresh rewards account?
    Yes. Please visit the Customer Service desk at your Lowes Foods store, the in-store enrollment kiosk, or the enrollment site at for instructions.
  • How will you use my personal information?
    Your personal information will be used to be able to look up your account using your phone number and contact you by mail or email with special offers. Lowes Foods will not sell your personal information to any third party. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.
  • How will you use my purchase history?
    Fresh rewards is designed so that you receive offers that are tailored to you. Based on your purchases and selected areas of interest we will send you offers that match your shopping preferences. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.
  • How do I change my email subscription status?
    You may update your profile at an in-store kiosk or on our website at
  • How do I stop receiving communications about fresh rewards?
    You may update your profile at an in-store kiosk or on our website at
  • I lost my fresh rewards card. What do I do?
    Please visit the Customer Service desk at your Lowes Foods store and we will be happy to issue a new card and link it to your existing account.