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August 2012

Red Rock Pinot Noir

Buyer's Notes: Red Rock Pinot Noir is layered with soft red fruit flavors of strawberry, dark red cherry, raspberry jam and plums. These characteristics are balanced with subtle hints of oak and caramel notes that make the Pinot Noir smooth and balanced.

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446 Chardonnay

Buyer's Notes: 446 Chardonnay is the white companion to 337 Cabernet. This Chardonnay has hints of peach and vanilla flavors. You may be wondering why it's named 446? Vineyards use different grape vines depending on climate and soil type. These vines are numbered, so the 446 is the exact Chardonnay vine used to make this wine.

Try it with: grilled shellfish, light pasta entrees or with curry dishes

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Fall Craft Beer Season

Buyer's Notes: I realize you may be thinking, "Isn't August a bit early for fall beers?". The answer is yes, it should be...but now is when the fall beers start hitting our shelves. Octoberfest and Pumpkin beers are the highlight every fall. These wonderful fall creations are the best of the year and everyone always gets excited for them. I know I am!

Try it with: Homemade Pizza

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