Donation Requests

Donation Requests

As a homegrown, locally owned grocer, Lowes Foods is committed to giving back to the communities we serve in North and South Carolina. Below are the causes that Lowes Foods prioritizes for support.

• Feeding the Hungry
• Nutrition
• Education
• Scouting

Lowes Foods is unable to fulfill requests for funding individuals, trips, tours, student exchange programs, or fund drives conducted for political organizations.

  • Requests for Feeding the Hungry

    To reach the most people as efficiently as possible, we direct our home office donations through Feeding America. We support two major food drives throughout the year, Friends Feeding Friends in November and December and Bag Childhood Hunger in June. Friends Feeding Friends is the largest Food drive in the Carolinas. All donations stay in the local community. If you are a non-profit and you are interested in donations for a food bank you are starting, please reach out to the Feeding America branch in your area. If you have a non-profit and are inquiring about over-produced items in our fresh department, please contact your store directly. 

  • Requests for Education

    If you are looking for a donation for an elementary or secondary school, learn more here.

  • Requests for Youth Organizations, Churches and other 501(c)(3)s

    If you are looking for cash donations for a team sport, high school group, Churches or other 501(c)(3)'s, learn more here.

  • Requests for Girl or Boy Scouts

    Lowes Foods is committed to supporting our local communities. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can sign up to sell product in front of our stores.  

    Boy Scouts can sign up here for Popcorn sales.

    Girl Scouts in North Carolina can sign up here for Cookie sales in the Spring. Girls Scouts in South Carolina can sign up here.

  • Requests for Product Donations

    If you are requesting a product donation, please contact the Store Manager where you shop. All product donations are made through our stores.
    We have a no-solicitation policy. We do not allow organizations to request donations, sell items, or sell tickets for drawings in front of our stores.

  • All Other Donation Requests

    If you have a request that does not fall into one of the categories above, please fill out this survey. We evaluate these every thirty days. Preference is given to requests which support feeding the hungry or nutrition in North and South Carolina. All requesting organizations must be registered 501(c)(3).