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The Carolina Way

Lowes Foods has been serving up the best food experiences since 1954. From farmers and businesses to y'all, we truly care about the Carolinas, and want you to get the most from your local grocer. When you walk in our doors, you’re our honored guest, a friend, and a part of our Carolina family. We are local, and proud of it!


Food is in our name, and southern hospitality is our game. Whether you are looking for recipe inspiration or easy grab-and-go options, we’ve got you covered. Get inspired by our mouthwatering meats and locally grown produce. Together - Let’s create meals that can only be born in the Carolinas.


DIY Chicken

From Chicken Fajitas to Chicken Piccata we have your clucktacular recipes!


Salad Inspo

Best way to celebrate seasonal produce and eat healthy at the same time...a salad is the answer! Check out our various salad recipes!


Breakfast Inspo

Wake up your taste buds and try one of our many delicious breakfast recipes!


Clean Eating

Our Lowes Foods Brown Bag items use real ingredients that you can feel good about.