Gather 'round the table

Lowes Foods believes it’s time to bring family back to the table. Which is why we have our very own Community Table in store. It’s the place where our families can gather around a different homegrown experience every day —fresh-made recipe events, cooking classes taught by local chefs, and farmers, wineries and small businesses sampling their very best. Enjoy wine and cheese tastings, the joys of chocolate, and crafting with the kiddos. It’s all on our table, just for you.


A Table With A Tale

Like your dinner table at home, your local Lowes Foods Community Table has some great stories attached to it. That’s because each one is built from reclaimed wood we’ve found throughout the South. Whether its wood was born on a farm, factory, or an old train station, your Community Table is one-of-a-kind. Who wood’a known?


The Origins of the Clemmons, NC Community Table


The Woodruff Barns, Nash County, NC.

Also affectionately called "the Woodruff Twins", these two barns were quite a matched pair. These barns were located in Nash County, North Carolina. The one with greater decay, was built in 1946 and the other in 1952. Both barns were constructed from pine, which was milled on the homesite and transported to the local sawmill by mule and cart.  These barns measured 17' x 17' square with the vast majority of the boards spanning the full 17 feet.  Can you imagine the manpower that was required to heft logs of that length and transport them to the mill? 

We were able to salvage over 3/4's of each barn, which is quite remarkable considering the extent of the roof damage. Both barns were made from pine and the boards are quite beautiful. As you would suspect, the older barn created a slightly darker patina from the additional years of use. 

The property owner, who once used to weave the tobacco to hang in her barns, contacted us to dismantle these barns as she was growing worried over the potential for them to fall and cause harm.  These barns were simultaneously deconstructed in February 2013.

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