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Cart 2 Class

Together We Can Feed Hungry Minds

With Cart to Class, Lowes Foods will give up to a quarter million dollars to local schools. Lowes Foods guests will link their Fresh Rewards cards and schools will be rewarded based on how much they spend on private brand products.


For Guests

Guests can select up to 3 participating schools when enrolling in the Cart 2 Class program. To enroll, please click here and click on the button for "enroll in Cart 2 Class." If you can't find your school, please  contact your school administrator and ask them to enroll in the program. 


For Schools

The Lowes Foods team has worked hard with a large number of local schools to proactively enroll them in the Cart to Class program. If you are wondering whether your school is enrolled, please click here to find your school or apply for the program if you're not enrolled. If you're already enrolled, you may update your information here

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