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If Willy Wonka had made sausage instead of chocolate, his famous factory would have been SausageWorks at Lowes Foods. SausageWorks features locally made pork, beef and turkey sausages in an unbelievable amount of flavors, from the familiar crowd-pleasers to the “are they insane?” combinations. This is your #1 destination for anything-and-everything sausage, as well as mouthwatering hot samples off the grill every day.

New flavors being invented all the time...

Variety of types: Chicken, pork, beef and turkey in wonderfully wacky combinations

Around the World In Eighteen Links

The Sausage Professor is on the hunt for his next wonderfully wacky recipe! On his quest to go where no sausage has gone before, he’s visiting some of his favorite places for flavor inspiration. Join him on this great sausage expedition and take your taste buds on a trip! Try all 18 links to fill up your flavor passport—and your stomach.

Calling All Flavor Travelers

Travel around the world and be rewarded for SausageWorks purchases made between 5/1/19 – 7/9/19.*


ONE FREE POUND OF SAUSAGE – When you purchase 10 lbs of sausage.


ONE FREE SAUSAGEWORKS MUSTARD – When you purchase 15 lbs of sausage. 


FREE SAUSAGEWORKS GIFT BASKET (T-Shirt, SausageWorks Mustard, and Summer Sausage) – When you purchase 8 varieties of sausage totaling 20 lbs or more.

*With your Fresh Rewards Card. One prize per household awarded at the highest level earned. All prizes will be distributed by email on 7/19/19. To be eligible, you must have a valid email associated with your Fresh Rewards Card and opt in to receive email communication no later than 7/10/19. Visit lowesfoods.com/freshrewards or call Guest Services at 1-888-537-8646.

Meat the Sausage Professor


A crazy experiment gone right

Vule | Sausage Professor | Clemmons, NC

It’s a scientific fact that SausageWorks flavors are a bit wacky. Which brings us to our resident lunatic, the “Sausage Professor.” He’s ready to entertain your family and answer all your questions about his latest and greatest creations. With waves of glorious steam rising from the grill, the Sausage Professor never stops dreaming up mind-bending, taste-bud-tantalizing sausage recipes. Our wacky Sausage Professor has crafted over 60 delicious sausage experiments from the familiar crowd-pleasers to the "are they insane?" combinations. 

"I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new sausage line "Sausage Works"! I have tried all the ones available in Garner, NC and they are ALL GOOD, but ESPECIALLY the "Greek god". That may very well be the BEST sausage I have ever eaten!"


"Really enjoyed the SausageWorks. I am a sausage fanatic to the point of going out of my way to buy good sausage and on vacation I drive my wife nuts looking for local sausages."