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Leafy herbs like basil, parsley and thyme have been eaten for ages. Basil’s sweet, tender leaves have long been an Italian staple, and evergreen thyme is a key ingredient in herbes de Provence.

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Seeds give life. They also add flavor and texture to food. Warm, woodsy nutmeg is actually the seed of a tree. Smaller seeds like sesame and mustard are often ground into condiments and pastes.

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Ah, saffron, the most coveted of spices. Delicate stigmas carefully plucked from the mouth of a flower. This category also includes well-known spices like paprika and—you guessed it—pepper.

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These hardy, ambrosial spices originate inside trees and under soil. There’s ginger—the world’s most cultivated spice—as well as sweet cinnamon and a pungent-but-delectable favorite, garlic.

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